Leg Assembly

Leg assembly

How to Put the Attack Spider’s Legs Back On:

  • Place the Attack Spider upside down, head facing up, to match this photo. Place a thick book or books on each side of the spider’s body. The books will hold up the legs while you work and save a lot of frustration!
  • The legs are numbered, from one to eight. Look for the number on the leg itself.
  • Leg one goes on the right side, bottom (‘side’ refers to our view in this photo)
  • Leg two above it. Leg three above it, and finally leg four at top right.
  • Leg five goes to bottom left. Leg six above it, seven above it, and finally leg eight at top left.
  • Screw the plate back on. That’s it.

(NOTE: Legs three and seven are the same. Sometimes the units come with two number sevens or two number threes)

Let us know if we can help in any way!!