New Solution Stops Woodpecker Damage

Sonora, California, June 1, 2002 – Sophron Marketing announced today the release of its effective solution for deterring woodpeckers: The Birds-Away Attack Spider, an inexpensive, sound-activated scare device.

The Birds-Away Attack Spider ™ is a battery-operated device that will chase away damage-causing woodpeckers and other nuisance birds. Activated by sound, the spider quickly drops down on an 18″ string while making a loud noise. Then it climbs back up the string to await another stimulus. The Attack Spider™ has proven to be much more effective than fake owls, snakes and other scare devices.

Woodpeckers, flickers and sapsuckers commonly drill on houses in search of food, to make nests or roosts, or to protect their territory and find mates. These persistent birds can be destructive to homes by drilling holes into wood siding, eaves, window frames, and trim boards. Control can be obtained by exclusion, barriers, and scare devices. Many people resort to killing woodpeckers, which is illegal in most states.

Pricing and availability

The Birds-Away Attack Spider™ is available at $15.00 retail, from Sophron Marketing at, or by calling 1-888-767-4766. Wholesale prices are also available.

Sophron Marketing is a new company with innovative, effective products and solutions. Biologists Jim and Ilene Tassano, who also own and operate Foothill Sierra Pest Control in Sonora, California, have been solving problems common to their customers for over 25 years. For more information, visit

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