Harry Hunter Croissant Park, Fort Lauderdale, Florida July 31, 2017

Finally some piece & quiet! Now we can sleep later on the weekends! Now we are not worrying about more damage to our roof insulation layer! We had been attacked by 3 red-headed woodpeckers for months. It seems we had tried everything to get rid of them, with no luck. We spent alot of our time chasing them away... Obsessed with it! After installing 2 attack spiders the same day we got them, we are peck-free. The woodpeckers were pecking holes in the underside of an angled flat roof (upside down), then burrowing into a 2" foam insulation layer to make a home of their own. There is nothing worse than not being able to see what they are pecking on inside the hole. We could hear it over our heads inside, we were going pecking crazy!! As we would plug one hole they would make a new one... Help!! I was so desperate that i ordered 1 case of 12 spiders & a screw-up tool & shipped it in next day air. I did not want to go 1 more day with the damage, it must stop! It was the best thing for the problem i could have done. No regrets!! We are very happy! This product is awesome!!! I did not know it worked so well. We would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to free themselves of woodpeckers & their pecking damage. **we love our spiders**

Peter Campia South Yarmouth, MA July 31, 2017

They worked great. I put up three of them at various locations on the house and have not have anymore incidents. One spot on the house had thirteen holes from those damn things before I put up the spider and not one since! I would highly recommend the Spiders!

Kathy Bentler Coon Rapids, Minnesota July 31, 2017

When I first bought them my husband thought I was crazy. But little did he know that they really worked. When we were putting them up our neighbor stood in his bedroom and had the window open and he would clap his hands and the spiders would come down. There is a good distance between our houses. Right now we don't have them up as we don't seem to be bothered by them in the winter, or either they have been scared away and are afraid to come back in our home. Thank you again for this great product!

Susan Bledsoe Fort Collins, Colorado July 31, 2017

Hi! I love you and I love your product. I had woodpecker problems for 12 years (year-round) and have not heard a peck since installing attack spiders around the house a couple of weeks ago. These $15 spiders will save me thousands of dollars in home repairs.

Roger Sheline Redway, California July 31, 2017

I' ll have to say I was surprised it worked so well. Only put up one and would hear the first couple of familiar taps,then nothing. They gave up after about 3 weeks all together, thanks , I have some holes to patch.

Steve Kessler Bellevue, Washington July 31, 2017

Last year, woodpeckers did $500 worth of damage to our home siding. We put up a nest, but they ignored it. This year, we put up 3 Attack spiders on one exterior wall and 4 on the other. We had no damage at all and, best of all, we didn't have to bang on our bedroom wall (futilely) to try to stop the infernal pecking from 6 AM on.

Doug Storts Verona, Wisconsin July 31, 2017

Thank you for the PROMPT replacement of the defective spider. Your customer service is incredible!

Heidi Lloyd Durango, Colorado July 31, 2017

The Attack Spider(s) worked very well. We introduced them approximately 1/2 way through the season and my husband and I were a bit skeptical as to their effectiveness because we had the most aggressive of the woodpeckers pecking at our cedar sided home every day - we were stunned when they worked. We are planning on using them again next year! Best regards,

Philip Pelleriti Jemez Springs, New Mexico July 31, 2017

They worked great. I put them up and heard a woodpecker only twice for just a couple of seconds before they were scared off. They haven't returned. The Screw Up tool worked very well. It made it very easy to install the hooks.

Jan Riggenbach Glenwood, Iowa July 31, 2017

The Attack Spiders have solved our woodpecker problem, both on our cedar house siding and on a new screenhouse we built in our woods. In fact, I'm so enthusiastic about the spiders that I've written about them in "Garden Variety," a weekly capsule feature I write for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. (It is scheduled to run January 15, complete with a photo I took at my home.) I'll attach a copy for you to see.

Hugh Greenwald Oceanside, California July 31, 2017

I live in southern California near the coast. We have many fruit trees in our yard including 2 fig trees that I have groomed over the years to make them tall like shade trees in the Midwest. Figs leaf in the spring and start fruiting right away. The young figs are attractive to a few crows but not so many that they are a nuisance. It's another matter in the late summer and fall when 30 to 50 crows are in the trees cawing and fighting over the figs. They're welcome to the figs but I don't like the noise. One year I put a plastic owl on a poll and pushed it up through the leafs so that it appeared to be perched there. That sent the crows away for a few days but once they saw it was not moving they were no longer intimidated and were back in full force in the trees. One night I heard a "whooo whooo" and went outside to see an owl perched on a 20 foot tall poll I have in the yard with a weather meter on top. He stayed there quite awhile but left in disgust when he got no response. Later that night he came back but just for a minute or two. So, this year I was at my brother's house and a wood pecker was attacking a gutter. My brother got the spider out and that was enough to scare away the bird. I guess Jack didn't know it had worked. It seemed like a good thing to try so I ordered one. I put it in the fig trees. It scared the h--- out of the crows. They were really mad and that afternoon there were 50 crows circling above my trees trying to scare the spider. It just kept going up and down as if to challenge them. It was a joy to see these frustrated crows circling the trees. I could stand their noise because I was getting even with them. I expected them back over the next few days to challenge the spider but they never returned. Then my wife started to notice rustling in the trees but the spider was not being activated. It turns out that a few of the crows had figured out that if they were quiet they could feed without fear of the spider. Too many and there was so much rustling of leaves that the spider was activated. It was a great compromise because I don't mind the crows eating the figs (I don't like figs) as long as they are quiet about it. The spider is now resting, storing up energy for next year. Great toy. My neighbors have an all pine siding house up at Tahoe and they are being attached by woodpeckers. As I understand it they bought a couple of spiders and plan too put them up next year.

Terri Sellers Jackson, Wyoming July 31, 2017

Being a resident of Wyoming, I first saw these spiders in action at Signal Mountain Lodge at Jackson Lake. Having purchased them this past summer for my cabin in Bondurant Wyoming they worked like a charm. Not only do they detour the pesky woodpeckers and flickers...They provide hours of entertainment for family and friends as well as the unexpecting salesman. ...Hours of family fun and practical ta boot!!! The kids and dogs enjoy the surprise as well.

Bob Penninger Springfield, Missouri July 31, 2017

The Attack Spiders have worked well in scaring away a pesky woodpecker. Thanks for a great product.

Lillian Trubert July 31, 2017

1) We bought 5 as we had a woodpecker problem of long standing. We have not heard a woodpecker demolishing our house since the moment they were installed. We wanted to see a woodpecker being scared away, but we were not fast enough. 2) Since this is not the season for pecking holes, we are anxious to see what happens when the acorns are in bloom so to speak. Our grandchildren LOVE the spiders. We have names for them - Mammy, Moe, Jack, Zsa Zsa and Slacker Earl. Earl didn't work until our grandson abused him for awhile, and then he was OK. How's that for a testimonial? The spiders drop down very easily. A garage door being closed, and car driving in our driveway, a friend honking their horn or the grandkids shouting "attack" is a lot of fun to watch. They scared the UPS guy, made a baby cry and the deer aren't crazy about them either. I would like to order a bunch for my Manzanita Garden Club ladies, as I have already given them a great testimonial. I'll let you know how many I need later. Hope this helps.

Ed Testerman Director of Operations, Cincinnati Precision Instruments, Inc. July 31, 2017

I purchased 2 of the Birds Away Attack Spiders during the summer of 2005. I applied each of them and they did an excellent job of deterring the woodpeckers. Sadly though, I did not locate the product until there had been considerable damage done to the wood work on my house. I am happy to have a product that activates when it is needed and therefore sustaining battery life. If there is anything else I can do to be of assistance please let me know. The service in which you provided me in follow up is beyond high level service most people ever experience. You have earned a Happy Customer and beyond that I will sing the praises of the product you so highly represented.

Les Samiel Washington, DC July 31, 2017

Jim They worked great for us. We were having a woodpecker invasion and they really respected those spiders. I keep four on duty at all times.

Melissa and Lew Sisich Spokane, Washington July 31, 2017

Hi Jim - They worked perfectly; we plan to put them back up in the Spring during mating season. We only had to leave them up for about a week. We did use up the batteries fairly quickly since we had two woodpeckers in the area AND our children and their friends thought it was hilarious to yell at the spiders so they would drop! Thank you for creating this innovative product.

Jim Maginnis July 31, 2017

This spring, woodpeckers (or a woodpecker) had dug two 4-inch holes into the side of my house. Almost daily, I was jumping to my feet trying to scare them (him) away. When purchasing the two Attack Spider Woodpecker Deterrents, I also purchased two foil octopuses from an online competitor (which I also installed with your useful Screw-up tool since the 15 foot ladder didn't go up high enough). My first impression was that the competing product would do a better job. I found in practice, however, that although I installed the foil octopuses with very little of the available string, they constantly beat against the house in even mild winds (and although they DID no damage, their tapping was more constant and irritating than the woodpeckers I was hoping to get rid of – moreover, my adobe walls ripped them to shreds in just a few days). While the Attack Spider seemed to be too inconspicuous to work (compared to the other product that only ripped itself to shreds), I've only had one initial woodpecker visit since installing the product. The only thing offered by the local Home Depot was a plastic owl (which the salesman acknowledged would likely do nothing) and the only bird to give it any notice was the hawk fearing an invasion into his territory that attacked me as soon as I walked into the back yard with it (like to give me a stroke – LOL). It would be a great service to others if your Attack Spider could replace the plastic owls at hardware stores. My home had previously been attacked by woodpeckers almost daily for months and nothing I did seemed to make any difference. Today, I can again enjoy their presence in my yard without them getting into my house – and they help keep my yard free of bugs! Thank you,

Joshua "Trapper" Jones A All Animal Control of Tri-State July 31, 2017

Woodpeckers are a federal migratory bird, catching them without a federal depredation permit could mean disaster for you as it is a federal offense and subject to a fine and possible jail time. If you are having problems scaring them away, I suggest … looking for the Attack Spider, this thing works.

Ken Mortensen Jacksonville Florida July 31, 2017

Where do I start? Wow, what a hit with my family all the way down to my one year old grandson!! The woodpeckers have not touched the house since the day I installed the spiders. (installation could not be any easier by the way) My wife and I were a tiny bit skeptical upon opening the package, but those fears were quickly laid to rest. Now these poor spiders will probably have to be replaced (gladly) once a year from overuse, because when my grandson is visiting, all he wants to do is play with "papa's spiders". Have had to replace the batteries twice already. But these spiders are well worth their cost. Woodpeckers had put 19 different holes in our stucco before the spiders, and ZERO since then. So thank you very much for your wonderful product.

Albert Thurman Phoenix, Arizona and Torreon/Show Low, Arizona July 31, 2017

I should send you some pictures of the holes a Gila Woodpecker has pecked into the siding on our house over the last several months. There are 2 huge holes and 2 or 3 smaller ones that have been started. I installed the Attack Spider the day it arrived, and the Woodpecker has been scared away within a couple seconds of landing on the siding. No more pecking holes in our house. I'm sure he's now off telling all the other woodpeckers of the "GIANT" spider that nearly got him the other day. This thing is FANTASTIC. It reacts quickly to any disturbance and would probably scare any animal or bird away. Our dog freaked out when I was testing it in the kitchen. When warmer weather arrives up at our cabin in Torreon in Show Low (elevation 6,600 ft in the White Mountains), several bats start roosting in 2 or 3 areas of the 18 ft high eaves and peaks of our cabin. They leave a disgusting mess on the windows, screens, walls and porches. We've tried those sonic emitters, but they don't work unless they are real close to the problem area, so I'll be ordering 2 or 3 more spiders to put up there to get rid of them. I'll be passing the word about your "Attack Spider" around to other cabin owners there with a bat problem. I'm sure there are quite a few people there who would want to have such an easy solution to such a nasty problem. Most "cabins" there are in the $400-900K range, so the owners certainly don't like bats making such a mess. I may try to get a notice put in the Torreon Golf Club Newsletter so the word gets out to everyone there. Thanks for such a fantastic product.

Dennis Kakures Danville, California July 31, 2017

They have done the trick. In the spring each year, I put them around the entire house and the Woodpeckers leave us alone. This is a second home for us in the high Sierras and the Attack Spiders are subject to cold, snow and wind and they seem to hold up just fine. I've got to replace the batteries every season, but that's a small price to pay for the protection. It's a very good product.

Bill Latham Fairfield, CT July 31, 2017

Red-bellied woodpeckers are beautiful birds, but not when you're trying to sleep at 5:30 in the morning, when our local representative would hammer away at the aluminum gutters on the other side of the bedroom wall. Just a few "surprise" visits from the Attack Spider sent our woodpeckers to practice their drumming elsewhere, with no harm to the bird and some well-deserved sleep for us. We're once again a nice state of balance with the local red-bellied woodpeckers, which are infinitely better seen and not heard. We still see them in the neighborhood -- they just don't wake us up anymore. Three cheers for the Attack Spider!

Arvid Olson Hawthorns Woods, Illinois July 31, 2017

Spider works!!! Woodpecker found another home. Maybe more business for you. Before spiders, woodpecker drilled several holes in the Cedar wood on our house.

Mike & Sharyn Granville Newcastle CA July 31, 2017

Attack Spiders stopping swallows! We have had the spider up for a week now, and the swallows are not hanging around. We are crediting the spider! The swallows had been attempting to build nests on stucco porch, generally in mornings and early evenings. We would have to hose off porch frequently or sit out there to keep them away. After hanging the spider, the swallows have left us alone. They are still flying around but have not attempted to resume building nests on our porch.

Judy Frisbie Yakima WA July 31, 2017

The spider is a wonderful product. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. A year after I bought it, I moved to another house which doesn't have woodpeckers. The spider was great fun for my grandkids and the neighborhood kids at Halloween. I hung him by the front door and had the kids scream for their candy. They loved being scared when he dropped down. I have recommended the spider to many friends!

Laurie Leister Angels Camp, CA July 31, 2017

I just want to thank your company for the Attack Spiders! We live in Angels Camp, CA and the woodpeckers have ruined our out building that has been there before we bought the place. The woodpeckers have never attacked our house or garage until this year. We heard of your spiders and immediately purchased 6 of them. We hung them up and have had no problems since! They area great deterrent and are harm free to the woodpeckers! Thank you very much for saving our house and garage!

John Buone Stoughton Massachusetts July 31, 2017

So far no new pecking, even though I have left it out in rain/snow etc since October, it still works!

Alan Williams Grand Teton National Park, Moose, Wyoming July 31, 2017

I have been very pleased with the results of the attack spiders. We have upwards to 50 buildings that are damaged by flickers each year. Many of these buildings are historic.So far the buildings that have the attack spiders on them have not seen further damage. As for mounting the spiders, I use a screw eye and string to raise the spider to the upper eaves. This allows the occupant to change the batteries, or to turn it off if it becomes annoying. So far I have heard only positive feed back. So you can rest assured that I am pleased with the results so far. Thanks

JP Clark, New Jersey July 31, 2017

We had a woodpecker put a hole and lots of scratches on our outdoor shed. We filled the holes, painted and attached an attack spider to each side of the shed. So far we have not had any more holes or scratches so I would say that the Attack Spiders worked great. It does seem to need a change of batteries frequently but it does not get a lot of protection from the elements so I can understand why. An added bonus is that it is a great conversation piece. I have told everyone about them that I know just in case they ever have the need for one or two. An ingenious idea---thanks!!!

Ray Reed Coarsegold, CA July 31, 2017

These spiders work great. They have other applications as well. Thanks again for your prompt service and a wonderful product.

Scot Carter Villa Rica, Georgia July 31, 2017

They worked very well. No more wookpeckers! 🙂

Warren Steeves Peachland, British Columbia July 31, 2017

The Attack Spiders worked just great. I hung them up and watched from a distance. A short time later a pecker tried to land and enter his nest, as soon as he was close the spider dropped. He took off and I haven't seen any since nor signs of more holes started. I know they haven't been back as the battery power is still up. If they were persistent, the batteries would be down or dead .Now all I have to do is patch the holes. Thank you.

Dennis Bunce Custom Landscaping Panama City, Florida July 31, 2017

Absolutely fabulous!!! The bird pecked one time, took off and hasn't been seen since! (I did see what might be one of his kids.) But I'm ready! Great product. Thanks.

Kevin Potts Concord, California July 31, 2017

Living in a new housing development that I guess was the former home of some woodpeckers, I have been the victim of thousands of dollars damage to the stucco of my home. I have netted the eaves and it stopped that damage there. Then the pesky birds went after the areas around my windows. It was then that I found the Attack Spider Woodpecker Deterrent at Birds-Away.com. These sound activated spiders have controlled the problem so well that the birds have decided to work on all of my neighbors homes and not mine! This outperforms the plastic stationary owls since the birds seem to be smart enough to distinguish stationary objects. They just can't figure out the movement of the Attack Spider Woodpecker Deterrent that's available at Birds-Away.com.

Craig Root Alma, Colorado July 31, 2017

They worked great! The woodpeckers were gone in under two days.

Eric Bryer Edmonton, Alberta, Canada July 31, 2017

Hello Folks, the attack spiders worked perfectly! I put them up and not only have they stopped the woodpecker from making any more holes in my cedar siding, but they are entertaining for all who see them in action. Thanks again for a non-lethal and inexpensive product that actually worked to solve an irritating problem.